The vision “Making fashion, effortless, neat and timeless”.
I think there is something humbling about our vision statement, it’s simple. When everything seems so bombarded with ideas, thoughts, and concepts that are continuously opposing one another it can be difficult to know where you fit in, even in the world of fashion. I feel like fashion today, is getting more complicated, there is this pressure to dress a certain way and live a certain lifestyle, whether that be the places we choose to go to, or the food we choose to eat or even the way in which we choose to exercise.

When I set out to create BLAASSOM, I wanted out clothing to be an extension of us and who we are, people who every day are cultivating their own lifestyle, their own image, and their own style regardless of what people think, I wanted people to feel comfortable to dress up or dress down even when wearing athleisure – I mean how many sports brands can be worn with heels? Our clothing was designed to be elegant, yet simple and I think we have achieved that.

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